Cinematic Wedding Films

At True Cinema, we specialize in crafting cinematic wedding films.

The process is simple.

We will gather as much information via questionnaire as we can before sending a proposal to determine exactly what it will take to produce your unique wedding film.

By the day of your wedding, we will have a schedule of your day, storyboards, and a location list. You can rest easy knowing that we are well prepared to capture your day.

In post we will create a film that will be unique to your wedding day from start to finish. There will be music added to enhance the film and color grading to make it beautiful.

We will create custom dvd covers for you with pictures you provide from your photographer and ship them to you within 3-6 months after your wedding date!

So if you’re looking for a wedding videographer to cover your day, contact us now.

Commercial/ Promo

Need a promotional video or a commercial? No problem!

We create promo videos and commercials from scratch!

In the first step, we will gather information about your business from you and any existing content that you provide to us!

During production, we provide any necessary lighting, sound equipment, as well as crew for your shoot!

In post, we create a rough cut to show you before it is finalized just to make sure that you have exactly what you envisioned!

The video will then be finalized including any graphics, text, color-grading, sound design, and voice overs needed.

Contact us at the bottom of the page for more information!

Real Estate Cinematography

If you’re looking to sell your house and want something that stands out from the rest of the listings out there, you’ve found it!

With our real estate films, you can now show  your home from a different perspective.

Let us know how we can better personalize your real estate film!