Max Gudakov

Max Gudakov

Director of Photography and Editor

Let’s see… My full name is Maksim Viktorovich Gudakov. Born in Ukraine in 1992 and grew up in Seattle, WA from 1995-2007. Now living in South Carolina, married to my best friend, Molly.

Telling stories through motion pictures has been my passion since I was really young. Dad always kept a camera around and we (the kids) were always fascinated by it. I learned the importance of documenting memories and how valuable those become as time goes on. Whether it’s a short film, a wedding highlight, or a music video, it always excites me to tell a unique story through film.

We’ve been shooting weddings for about 4 years now, never expecting for it to become a full time thing, yet here we are!

Eddy and I shot our first “movie” in the early 2000’s at ages 12-13 with a bulky camera that took VHS tapes. What we wouldn’t do to see that footage now (gone).

There’s nothing else that I would rather be doing.

Thanks for reading about me. Now I want to know about YOU!