Team member

Eddy Gudakov

Director & Writer

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, I was just a kid that played with cameras, skipped school, and had the big dream of becoming a professional musician.


It wasn’t until my family migrated to South Carolina that I finally realized the big dream of music wasn’t grasping my curiosity any longer. I knew that music would always be a part of my life, I just didn’t know how, but something else still was grasping my curiosity. Cameras. I constantly found myself playing with my dad’s old VHS camera, and later his latest and greatest Sony Hi8.


I’ve always been captivated by the thought of motion pictures. The understanding of catching moving objects through a lens is just fascinating. For this reason, I decided to pursue something different and I am happy I did! Throughout the past few years, I’ve become a storyteller not just through words, but also through visual storytelling thanks to cameras. I knew that this is where I belong, I knew that a writer writes because he has something to say, and I knew that I had a LOT to say.