David and Anastasiya had their “ferry-tale” wedding in Mukilteo, Washington.

The quaint town of Mukilteo is familiar to me since that is very near to where I grew up as a young child so to be able to capture a wedding in this town was a dream come true for me. With the puget sound, mountains, the train running in the background, the ferry taking people and cars across, the lighthouse on the beach – it really was a breeze to capture from a cinematography standpoint.

Dave and Ana met at SMBS Bible College where a lot of young slavic believer’s find their true loves. Their love quickly blossomed into what it is now and here we are! I love what Pastor Russell said about how the fruit of the Spirit should first be displayed towards our spouse before anyone else because that is the person who we are going to spend the rest of our lives with. In fact, how can we truly display that kind of love towards someone if we are unable to show it to our spouse?

Enjoy this beautiful Jesus-centered wedding film!

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Rosehill Community Center – Mukilteo, Washington
Photography: Lily K Photography – Instagram: @lilykozo
Pastor: Russell Korets
Reception MC: Andrey Kazak – Instagram: @AndreyKazak