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Max Gudakov

Director of Photography & Editor

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Eddy Gudakov

Director & Writer

Step 1: Pre-Production

Before we actually shoot anything, we gather information from you to build a story!

In this step we will determine exactly what it will take for us to tell YOUR story in the best way we know how!

Step 2: Production

Using the storyboard and shot lists created in pre-production, we will capture your story. We use up to four HD cameras to make sure that we capture as much of the action as possible.

Step 3: Post- Production & Delivery

All of your content is double backed up to make sure we don’t lose any footage. The footage is then edited into a sequence that we believe best tells your story and we know you’ll love it!

Post-production times vary by each project but we do our best to have it to you as soon as we possibly can!