Max Gudakov

My full name is Maksim Viktorovich Gudakov. Born in Ukraine in 1992 and grew up in Seattle, WA from 1995-2007. Now living in South Carolina, father to my beautiful 3 year old daughter, Ellie.

And now here is a little history…

Telling stories through motion pictures has been my passion since I was really young. Dad always kept a camera around and we (the kids) were always fascinated by it. I learned the importance of documenting memories and how valuable those become as time goes on. Whether it’s a short film, a wedding highlight, or a music video, it always excites me to tell a unique story through film.

My brother and I shot our first “movie” in the early 2000’s at ages 12-13 with a bulky camera that took VHS tapes. What we wouldn’t do to see that footage now (gone). Currently, he is off pursuing a filmmaking career in Hollywood, while I decided to start a family and continue capturing weddings!

It has been 8 years since I filmed my first wedding and I love it more and more as time goes on!

There’s nothing else that I would rather be doing.

Thanks for reading about me. Now I want to know about YOU!

Lead Cinematographer & Editor